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Arlington house prices comparable to those in Boston’s Jamaica Plain

Average asking price in Arlington $324 a square foot

The average asking price for a house in Arlington in August is $324, according to an analysis of market-rate listings from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

That puts the town of about 43,000 west of Cambridge and Somerville about equal house-price-wise to Jamaica Plain in Boston proper. There, the average asking price was $397 in July, according to NeighborhoodX.

As the chart makes clear, the market-rate house prices in Arlington range from $284 a foot for 1378 Massachusetts Avenue, a 3,076-square-footer with five bedrooms and two bathrooms, to $520 a foot for 214 Wachusett Avenue, a recently renovated 4-BR, 3-BA running to 2,400 square feet (and pictured above).

Interestingly, JP’s own price range in July ran a similar gamut: $296 to $577 a foot.