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Roxbury's tallest tower moving forward, getting taller

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Plans now call for 29-story spire across from Dudley Square station

Fresh details landed a little more than a year ago about what would be the tallest tower in Roxbury.

Developer Long Bay Management planned to plunk a 25-story glass-and-steel building atop the Institution for Savings in Roxbury and Its Vicinity, across from the Dudley Square MBTA Station. Not much happened re: the proposal during the intervening 12 or so months, but now comes word that Long Bay has revised its plans and will file the changes with the city in September.

The developer is now calling for a 29-story tower. The additional floors as well as newly added above-ground parking are meant to help pay for the development.

The development is still apparently slated to include retail and office space on the lower floors and residences—condos and apartments—on the top floors.

Stay tuned.