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General Electric headquarters renderings lack a parking garage

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Plenty of glass and greenery, though

Rendering of GE HQ Gensler.

The first renderings of General Electric’s much-ballyhooed new headquarters in Boston’s Fort Point dropped on Monday, courtesy of the company and its architect, Gensler.

The renderings accentuate GE’s plans to rehabilitate two historic buildings that belonged to the NECCO candy concern and to construct a 12-story structure. A bridge and a pedestrian walkway will connect the trio, which GE has repeatedly called a campus.

Said campus will include what the company has dubbed "maker space" for GE employees, tech startups, students (both university and high school), and community members. There will also be a community work lounge and space for conclaves and presentations, never mind ample laboratories. And there will be an employee cafeteria.

What the 2.4-acre campus will not include is a parking garage. GE currently has plans for only 30 parking spaces (some 800 employees will be part of the company’s relocation from its current Connecticut HQ).

The dearth is deliberate: It’s meant to encourage workers to bike, walk, bus, or train it (or ferry it?) to the office. And it keeps inline with GE’s plans to make the Fort Point campus some kind of super-duper environmentally friendly office complex, complete with solar power and greenery on the roof.

Construction is expected to start by the end of this year, with everyone moved in by the end of 2018. Stay tuned.