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Jamaica Plain's Atwood Square townhouses start dropping, pet cams included

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Ground-up project includes rife with smart technology

The four ground-up townhouses along Jamaica Plain’s Atwood Square replace the site of an old law office. Seven Atwood Square, the first of the units completed, dropped over the weekend through Paul Campano for $799,000.

It’s pictured herein. Like the other three units, it’s a 3-BR, 2.5-BA, and it comes with copious smart-home technology, including a pet cam and a dog-treat dispenser. Each townhouse, too, is around 1,300 square feet, not including the basements.

The other three units will drop shortly. Developer Alan Peterson, incidentally, was the same figure behind the seven-unit 97 Prospect Street in Somerville a couple of years ago. That project was perhaps the first condo development to hang its hat on the Green Line extension, an approach now very much in vogue.