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Nothing stopping Everett's Wynn Boston Harbor

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Somerville, Vegas magnate reach accord for biggest gambling hub in Boston area

Construction on the more than $2B casino-resort in Everett has been officially underway since the first week of August.

Yet, there was always the specter of a legal challenge from neighboring Somerville looming over the massive project known (somewhat incongruously) as the Wynn Boston Harbor, a challenge that could upend everything and send Vegas mogul Steve Wynn jetting out of town.

That challenge has evaporated and now the casino-resort, which includes a 24-story gambling den and hotel, can really, truly move forward—the first such project in the Boston area.

Somerville dropped its last legal quibbles after the Wynn Boston Harbor agreed to certain concessions, including a ferry service over the Mystic meant to curb the vehicular traffic that had Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone worried. There will also be more public space as part of the 3,000,000-square-foot project.

Construction is now supposed to wrap by the end of 2018, with an opening shortly thereafter.