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Romanesque Brookline townhouse asking twice what it got in 2015

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Includes media room with skylight, grand foyer, and in-law suite

The 14-room, 6,025-square-foot townhouse at 362 Tappan Street in never-bargain-y Brookline dropped on the sales market recently for a cool $3,950,000 after trading for $1,840,000 just last year.

That’s less than half what it’s asking now.

Why not? The spread—the AG McEvoy Realty says it’s Chateauesque, though we’re getting more of a Romanesque vibe—starts with a grand foyer and ends with a media room up top with a skylight. There’s also a deck, an in-law suite, and parking (off-street, deeded, and in the paved driveway).