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Revere condo prices running well ahead of city’s house tags

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Average now $307/foot

The average price of a Revere condo is $307 a square foot, according to a new analysis of market-rate listings from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

That is well ahead of the recent average of $224 for houses in the city of 54,000 just northeast of Boston. Also, it's comparable to other condo markets north of Boston.

The condo average came from a wide price range: $207 a square foot for Unit 401 at 10 Franklin Avenue, a 965-square-foot 2-BR, 1-BA, all the way to $394 a foot for Unit 1 at 265 American Legion Highway, a 674-square-foot, 1-BR, 1-BA "New York-style loft." It’s pictured above.