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Pop-up Plaza Appears in Downtown Crossing

Did you see it?

If you blinked (or got extra shut eye) this morning, you may have missed the plaza that popped up in Downtown Crossing.

While the neighborhood continues to gain prominence for its revived spirit from new businesses and homes that have stormed in, it also happens to be one of the most highly trafficked areas by foot. And, with the reopening of the T station at Franklin and Washington (a.k.a. by the entrance of Millennium Tower), that foot traffic will start climbing. To mitigate the strain, the city is thinking of ways to enhance the pedestrian experience.

One such way is through a network of parks and plazas that lace a path all the way through to the Greenway. In the meantime, this park at Arch and Franklin is intended to be a way in which urban planners can study the potential design of a future permanent plaza as part of a project with the BRA and BTD (that’s the Boston Transportation Department) project. Hopefully, you got to participate and provide an earnest urban pedestrian looking to have a seat in the bustling city.