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Which T stop is the worst?

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Sound off

Few things unite the Boston region more than its love/hate relationship with the T. The Western Hemisphere’s oldest subway system is either the economic lifeblood joining myriad municipalities and neighborhoods—or a royal pain in the you-know-what every single day without fail.

The latter feeling manifests itself most acutely during extreme weather. Remember the epic T meltdowns during the winter of ‘15? And how about during our recent heatwave, when some T stops became cauldrons of smelly, stagnant air?

But it does not necessarily take high temperatures or blowing snow to make a particular T station unbearable. Chronically late and overcrowded trains can do it. So can faulty, inconvenient infrastructure. Or consistently bad service from MBTA employees.

Our Friday Open Thread, then, turns the mic over to you, dear reader, and asks: Which T stop is the worst and why? Come on: Let it out. Comments can be left below, or through Facebook and Twitter.