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South End’s Girard an excellent example of the neighborhood’s epic change

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For better or worse

Few areas of the Boston region are changing faster and more completely, for better or worse, than the northeastern reaches of the South End. Myriad new projects are adding hundreds of condos and apartments (and maisonettes!) to the area, and therefore bringing in thousands of new residents.

The latest example of the march of this change is the debut of the Girard. Developer New Atlantic Development is finishing a 160-unit apartment complex on what was a parking lot that the archdiocese of Boston owned (the city green-lighted the building’s construction in early 2014).

Leasing has commenced. One-bedrooms start at $2,975 a month; 2-BRs at $3,940; and 3-BRs at a stonking $6,950.

These rents are indicative enough of the change in the area. But so, too, are the suite of amenities that comes with, including private art galleries featuring a rotating collection of exhibits from local artists; a two-story lobby; bike storage and a repair center; a gym; and a roof terrace with grill stations.

These photos offer a first look at the interior of a Girard apartment, in this specific case a 2-BR, 2-BA.