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The Somerset Sets a New Sales Record

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And boy, did it set a record—by over $1 million. Why?

The Somerset Condominium building is a well-heeled Boston Classic building in Back Bay. And unit 305, a 2,775 s.f. three bedroom, 3.5 bathroom condo owned by the Dorfman family (of jeweler’s fame), has set a new sales record of $2,700,000.

That’s not a bad return at all, considering that it last sold for $1,772,500 on July 17, 2006. And according to Redfin, it’s already appreciated, with an estimated value of $2,819,564.

Is it worth it? Probably, if you consider some of the unique beauty that accompanies the unit. With a whopping 39’ of frontage that overlooks the trees of Commonwealth Avenue and a marble foyer that opens to a sun flooded living room that spans over 38 feet, there are plenty of marquee features that, combined with amenities like a 24/7 concierge, justify a high sales price.