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Fenway’s 2 Charlesgate West moves forward with formal filing

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29-story tower would include 122 condos

Developer Trans National Properties has filed plans with the Boston Redevelopment Authority for what it describes as "an iconic landmark" that will serve as "an eastern gateway for the Fenway neighborhood."

The long-proposed 344,000-square-foot tower would replace three buildings on a half-acre site near Fenway Park, including one that Trans National owns. In its place would go a 29-story spire with 173 apartments and 122 condos as well as 7,500 square feet of office space. Trans National would occupy all of that space. (There are also plans for a 10,000-square-foot restaurant on the site as well as nearly 200 parking spaces.)

Architects-about-town Elkus Manfredi would design 2 Charlesgate West, and the developer would see to some serious public art in the area: Banker & Tradesman reports that the current plans include new lighting and artwork on the Charlesgate overpass.

Nothing is finalized yet. Though, given the sheer pace of development in Fenway and what the tower would replace, we can’t see the city balking at this proposal. Stay tuned.