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Downtown Boston’s 171 Tremont Street: Here’s what it will look like now

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Developer chops skinny tower’s height again

Downtown Boston’s proposed 171 Tremont Street condo tower was once supposed to stretch to 355 feet and 32 stories.

Local (and vocal) opposition, including to the possible effects the spire might have on shadows on the Common and traffic on the surrounding streets, led to successive height-chops: first to 255 feet and 20 stories, and then to 235 feet and 19 stories as recently as April.

Now, father-son developers Maurice and Joseph Dabbah have cut 171 Tremont’s height again—to just 12 floors and 175 feet (of which 155 feet would be occupiable). The truncation also means six fewer condos. The renderings here are the first ones available online from the developers and from architect Ross Cameron of Elkus Manfredi.

The latest height change is significant, given that that brings the proposed tower in line with building heights in the area and means the developers can move forward as-of-right, a technical term meaning "nothing can really stop it now." Stay tuned.

171 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02108, USA

171 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02108, USA