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How real estate search sites define Jamaica Plain's borders

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And how that can affect how much you pay to live there

Two of the most popular sites for searching real estate listings, Redfin and Trulia, have vastly different definitions of Boston’s Jamaica Plain. The above overlapping map comes courtesy of real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

Both Redfin and Trulia agree on JP’s western and northern boundaries, but starkly diverge on the neighborhood’s southern and eastern borders.

The bit in red shows the discrepancy. Trulia’s eastern boundaries are South Street, Lamartine Street, the Arborway, and Forest Hills Street. Redfin pushes farther eastward, though, to Franklin Park and Columbus Avenue.

Redfin pushes JP’s southern end farther, too, to Neponset Avenue (it includes Forest Hills Cemetery as well). Trulia picks Auburndale Street, the Arborway, and the lower end of the arboretum for its southern boundary.

One consequence of this is that Trulia’s JP is 2.63 square miles and Redfin’s is 3.88 square miles—quite a difference.

Another consequence, per NeighborhoodX’s Constantine Valhouli, there are "different search results in terms of number of listings: Trulia has only 39 listings, while Redfin has 52. For comparison, Zillow (boundaries not featured on this map) has 62 listings."

Valhouli said buyers and sellers should conduct multiple searches across multiple platforms to gauge what’s really out there JP-wise.