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Number of Boston real estate listings varies widely depending on search site

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Zillow has the most, Redfin the least

Real estate search sites have widely different amounts of Boston property listings, according to an analysis from research site NeighborhoodX. Redfin currently has the fewest listings and Zillow the most (see chart below). That is a different of 57.8 percent in the total number of listings on each.

Why does this matter? Take it away, Constantine Valhouli, co-founder of NeighborhoodX: "As a buyer, you realize that you're not seeing all properties on the market if you just use a single portal. The different search results means that you need to do the same search multiple times, to see listings that may be on one portal, but not another. It's inefficient and time-consuming for of the end user."

And for sellers?

"[Y]ou wonder if your property isn't showing up in all the portals' listing results," Valhouli said in an email. "And, as a result, are you reaching fewer potential buyers? Simple market dynamics dictate that when you reach fewer buyers, you will take longer to sell and likely not command the highest possible price."