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Arlington Analysis: House or Condo

Inform yourself on the options if you’re considering a property purchase here.

Arlington is a wonderful place to call home. But if you’re looking to buy here, you have more types to choose from than Boston proper. For that reason, you may be asking yourself—condo, or a house? Our friends at NeighborhoodX have calculated how wonderful it is on your wallet by calculating the average listing price.

The current average listing price for Arlington condos is $351 per s.f., although the individual properties that make this average range from $250/s.f. at 51 Rangeley Rd. Apt. A to $457 per s.f. at 36 Lafayette St. #1.

For comparison, house prices in Arlington average $324 per s.f., ranging from $284-520/s.f. This is one of the few places in greater Boston where condo and house prices converge so closely.

So, if you’re budget-conscious, go with a house.