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Boston's tiniest condos carry not-so-tiny price tags

Square feet can add up

To kick off Micro Week on Monday, we mapped the 10 smallest condos for sale in Boston. While none of these spreads stretches to more than 450 square feet, all of them clock in with relatively hefty price tags—even by modern Boston standards.


For instance, the smallest condo on sale—a 255-square-footer at 59 Hancock Street in Beacon Hill—is asking a whopping $1,332 a square foot, according to an analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. Similarly, the biggest but one, a 421-square-foot condo at the InterContinental, wants $1,304 a foot.

The least expensive tiny condo on offer is a 390-square-foot 1-BR carved from an old JP firehouse. It wants a mere $576 a square foot, and it’s pictured at the top.