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Tiny houses just beyond Boston: Which would you choose?

All well under 1K square feet, but with yards, basements, decks, and more!

Our latest Curbed Comparisons tackles two sometimes mutually exclusive goals in this region of ours: a decent spread and an affordable price. Namely, it looks at what non-astronomical tags command in terms of houses.

Turns out they can command quite a bit. You just have to look a little beyond Boston proper.

For starters, perhaps look in Bedford, just northwest of Lexington and about 20 miles from downtown Boston. In Bedford, the 864-square-foot Cape at 355 Brooklawn Avenue is asking $235,000 for its four bedrooms (!), one bathroom, and fenced-in yard, plus two parking spaces.


Down the Cape in Sandwich, 1 Jones Street is asking $269,000. It’s an 832-square-foot 2-BR, 1-BA with a shed out back and a full basement.


Now to Dedham, just southwest of Boston (and just about the home of the Massachusetts Governor's Mansion). There, the 906-square-foot 132 Paul Street is asking $419,000 for its two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. There’s also a large deck overlooking a sizable backyard.


Finally, up on the North Shore, the 875-square-foot 12.5 Cross Street in Gloucester is asking $275,000 for its two bedrooms and one bathroom. There’s also a 14-by-9-foot back deck. Which is probably one-fourth the size of your current Boston 1-BR.

[h/t OpenHouse for the data]