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South End's 575 Albany Street chops height, number of apartments

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Still slated to include nearly 700 units

The development team behind the proposed complex bounded by Albany Street, Harrison Avenue, East Canton Street, and East Dedham Street in the South End has reduced its height and scope.

Recall that the 3.1-acre site popularly known as 575 Albany Street, which lead developer Leggat McCall purchased in 2014, was due to include 710 apartments, plus 14,000 square feet of retail and 40,000 square feet of offices, as well as open space and an underground garage.

It was to be two buildings, one 11 stories and the other 19. That latter spire would have been the tallest new construction in a South End that’s seen quite a bit of new construction of late.

Now, newly filed plans with the city call for three buildings, each about 11 stores or 120 feet, with 687 apartments between them. The amount of retail and office space, meanwhile, has ballooned: Now there would be 76,800 square feet of office space and around 19,700 of retail (and what the developers are calling "cultural space") on the ground floors of the three buildings.

The reduced height—done partly to assuage the concern of some locals—will mean that the project’s tallest building will no longer be the tallest recent one in the neighborhood. The new plans bring it more in line with other construction height-wise.

As for scope, those 687 apartments still represent a rather hefty amount of housing. The sprawling three-building Ink Block complex, for instance, includes 315 apartments total.