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Somerville prices: the high and the relatively low ends right now

Sometimes vast differences in the same neighborhood

Nowhere in Greater Boston do prices seem to be running away from an area’s traditional reputation for affordability than in Somerville. The city once shorthanded as the less expensive alternative to neighboring Cambridge has seen sales leaps and bounds in recent yearsrecords, too.

So! With the help of real estate research site NeighborhoodX, we thought we would look at the most expensive listings on the Somerville market and the least expensive. Why? To show the gulf in costs between the lower and the higher end in a municipality of roughly 78,000 souls. See the chart below.

You’ll notice that some of the least and the most expensive fall within the same enclaves, including Winter Hill and West Somerville.

And one more thing from NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli, which perhaps highlights the pricing changes afoot: "It is worth noting that 8 Avon Street #12 is a market-priced unit, but is restricted to an all-cash purchase because the majority of the units in the building are held by investors rather than owner-occupants. Because this restriction reduces the number of potential buyers, the asking price is lower as a result."