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Jamaica Plain shingle built for Paul Revere’s great-granddaughter and designed by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s nephew drops

We may have reached peak Boston history

Alexander Wadsworth Longfellow, a nephew of the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and an acolyte of 19th-century starchitect Henry Hobson Richardson, designed the shingle-style house at 7 Louders Lane in Jamaica Plain for a great-granddaughter of Paul Revere. Sounds like some kind of Boston trivia question, but it’s real.

And now said house is on the sales market through Re/Max Destiny for $2,499,000.

The four-floor affair dates from the late 1890s and runs to an incredible 7,825 square feet. That expanse includes four full bathrooms and the potential for nine bedrooms. There is also a "dedicated billiard room," according to the listing, and an enclosed porch, never mind seven fireplaces and a cast-iron stove born in 1879.