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South End prices: the high and the relatively low ends right now

Both ends of the spectrum devoid of deals

The gulf between home prices at the high and the low ends in Boston’s South End is wide. Yet, at the same time, both extremes of the spectrum are quite pricey.

That’s according to an analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX, which tracked the most expensive and the least expensive market-rate homes for sale in the South End right now. See chart below.

The priciest listing is a 5,295-square-foot unit at the ongoing church conversion at 136 Shawmut Avenue. The cheapest is a 320-square-foot studio at 673 Tremont Street. What both—and other charted listings at either end—have in common are high prices per square foot, a much better measure than total prices.

In fact, eight of the homes above have per-foot asking tags of more than $900. The cheapest is an 871-square-foot condo at 883 Harrison Avenue. It wants a mere $574 a square foot.