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East Boston home prices right now: Condos lead the way big-time

Range all the way to nearly $700/foot

The average asking price for a home in East Boston right now is $408 a square foot, according to an analysis of market-rate condo and house listings from real estate research site NeighborhoodX.

Dig a tad deeper, and it’s clear that condos are leading the pricing way in the neighborhood. That might not be news in and of itself, but the gap between condo and house prices in Eastie as of this month is pretty striking.

The least expensive house, multi- or single-family, is $198 a square foot. The least expensive condo is $341 a foot. Go to the high-end, and the priciest East Boston house is asking $477 a square foot, while the most expensive condo is asking $697.

As for the averages between the two types of housing, the gap is a gulf there as well: $332 for houses vs. $483 for condos.