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Best Boston neighborhoods for Democrats and Republicans

Where to buy or rent if you want like-minded people surrounding you

Tech-heavy brokerage, which recently launched in Boston, has a new report out that seeks to delineate just which neighborhoods in the city are best for Democrats and Republicans.

Where should one buy or rent if one wants to be surrounded by like-minded individuals politically?

Well, the results are in and are based on such measures as party affiliations per neighborhood as of the March 1 presidential primary, crime, prices, and inventory. (And, while the analysis from was understandably geared toward where to buy, we think it also applies to where to rent.)

Enough grandstanding...

The best Boston neighborhoods for Democrats are, in order, East Boston, the South End, and South Boston. More than half of registered voters in each are Democrats (in the South End, the share is more than 61 percent).

The best Boston neighborhoods for Republicans are, in order, the Seaport, Back Bay/Beacon Hill together, and Charlestown. None have a particularly beefy percentage of registered Republicans—this is still Boston in Massachusetts in New England in the Northeast—but the prices here skew toward the stratosphere. So you’ll likely bump into people all about those upper-class tax cuts, eh?