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For Boston’s City Hall Plaza, not quite a civic Disneyland

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But there will be beer

Back in early March, TD Garden operator Delaware North won a bid to operate seasonal amenities at Boston’s City Hall Plaza for three years.

Initial plans called for a year-round, 200-foot-high Ferris wheel with 42 climate-controlled gondolas. There would also be an ice-skating venue as well as a full-service restaurant with a rooftop #BOSTON sign meant to join the pantheon of the city’s signage. A beer garden would surround said restaurant.

Delaware North this week finalized its contract with the city—and it looks like the Ferris wheel and the restaurant (and its sign) are out. Too big for a three-year run and perhaps too unwieldy for the plaza’s current infrastructure.

The beer garden’s still there and the ice-skating. There will also be up to 50 vendor stalls that Delaware North is calling "chalets."

The curtailed civic Disneyland—hey, it’s better than what’s there now—opens in late October and runs through mid-February. Then there will be something new for the warmer months. Stay tuned.

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