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Boston apartment rents by T stop: Staying on the train can save you big-time

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Or not

Real estate research site BostonPads is out with the handy map above, which shows the average rent per bedroom for all apartments by T stop the average 1-BR apartment rent by T stop.

As you can see—click to enlarge—staying on the train can have its benefits. In general, rents come down the farther out one gets from downtown Boston stops. Note Park Street on the Green Line compared with that route’s Lechmere terminus: $2,356 per room vs. $1,396.24.

Yet, it would appear in some cases that rents don’t, in fact, come down the longer one stays on the train. Check out Davis Square along the northern end of the Red Line. A bedroom there rents for nearly $500 more on average than in Porter Square, one stop inbound.

A few caveats regarding the figures: They use rents as of November from BostonPads’ database; the site used a per-bedroom average to come up with individual figures (so adjust amounts accordingly for apartments with more bedrooms); and some stops aren’t listed because there was not enough data.

Still, it’s pretty compelling stuff.