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Cambridge vs. Somerville: How their prices compare at the start of 2017

One’s still a lot cheaper

Brady Wahl/Flickr

It is one of the meta-trends of Boston-area real estate during the past decade or so: the slow, creeping gentrification of Somerville from Cambridge’s much cheaper neighbor into a pricier destination all its own (so much so that “X is the new/next Somerville” is a faux trend we’d like to see just die already).

Yet, for all the pricey change of late, Somerville remains a much less expensive option than Cambridge.

Below are the price ranges for market-rate house and condo listings in each city as of January, according to real estate research site NeighborhoodX. Cambridge has Somerville thoroughly beat.

Overall, the average asking price for Somerville houses is $421 per square foot compared with $647 in Cambridge. The average for Somerville condos is $564 a foot (led by sales in Assembly Row) compared with $704 in Cambridge (led by listings at the Charles-fronting Esplanade).

One caveat re: the data: NeighborhoodX excluded what looked like the most and least expensive buildings in Somerville: 82-86 Prospect Street in Union Square 31 Horace Street as both appear to be development sites.