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What’s the next hot neighborhood in the Boston area?

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Sound off

This 6-BR house in Edgeworth is asking $749,000.

A recent analysis pegged Malden’s Edgeworth as not only the hottest neighborhood in the Boston area in terms of desirability for house-hunters, but one of the hottest in the entire U.S. of A.

Downtown Everett and Malden’s Maplewood were also among the most desirable for 2017.

Now we want to hear from you in our latest Friday Open Thread: What’s the next hot neighborhood in Boston? Where are people looking to put down roots through long-term leases or outright purchases?

Which enclaves will we be hearing the most buzz about during the next 11 months?

Idle speculation welcome. And, if you’ve experienced a neighborhood’s sudden hotness yourself, do let us know.