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Bulfinch Crossing: Fresh renderings of the six-building mega-project

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2.9M square feet

Construction officially got underway Jan. 24 on Bulfinch Crossing, the 2.9 million-square-foot, six-building redevelopment of much of downtown Boston’s Government Center Garage.

Here are fresh renderings of the project, courtesy of lead developer HYM Investment Group. They provide a perspective on how the project will fit in within downtown Boston.

Neoscape/All renderings courtesy of the HYM Investment Group, LLC

When completed—the schedule says by September 2019—Bulfinch Crossing is expected to include 812 residential units; 196 hotel rooms; 1.15 million square feet of office space; and 85,000 square feet of retail.

It will also include around 1,100 parking spaces for residents and the public; and a one-acre "rooftop amenity," according to an earlier release from the developers.

The first building to go up will be a 45-story, 486-unit apartment building on New Sudbury Street. See below.

Rendering of a 46-story, glassy tower. CBT Architects
CBT Architects

CBT Architects and Pelli Clarke Pelli are designing the complex. Bulfinch Crossing will be 558 feet at its highest point.