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Proposed Bulfinch Triangle hotel shrinks, neighbors still opposed

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Not too keen on the glass, either

Earlier version meeting Washington Street

Developer Tom McKay had originally wanted to build a 160-foot hotel at 88 North Washington Street in Bulfinch Triangle.

That 13-story, 74-room plan met with opposition, particularly from neighboring North End residents who saw it as entirely out of scale with the area.

McKay recently returned with a truncated version: 128 feet. The inn would still run to 13 stories, but would have 68 rooms instead of 74.

Some residents are still having none of it. They contend that 128 feet remains out of scale for the triangle, which is supposed to have a 100-foot limit (a limit that has been ignored in the past).

The residents are also not too keen on the glass-and-metal exterior of the proposed hotel. The area’s mostly brick and mortar.

The proposal, called 88NOWA, is still in public review. Stay tuned.