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Davis Square Victorian with three floors and a studio over the garage drops for $1.5M

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Last sold in 2000

Photos via Coldwell Banker

The 2,568-square-foot, three-floor Victorian at 66 Chandler Street in Somerville’s eminently walkable Davis Square is on sale through Coldwell Banker for $1.5 million.

That’s not really the news—the enclave is known for hosting some of the region’s more beautiful properties and more titanic sales (never mind the odd deal).

What is noteworthy is that the four-bedroom, three-bathroom pile with a winterized studio over the detached garage has traded only twice during the past 26 years: In 1991 for about $477,000 in today’s money and in 2000 for about $1.17 million (again, in today’s cabbage).

Stay tuned for what 66 Chandler might go for this time around. Meanwhile, check it out.