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Boston transportation improvements: Would Amazon’s HQ make them rain?

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Boston’s pitch assumes so

caitlin_w/Getty Images

Boston’s official bid for Amazon’s second headquarters includes this nugget: “Boston has an extensive web of rail transit for regional and local access and a robust international airport. From global to regional connections, getting to and around Boston is easier than ever.”

Sure, why not? In reality, of course, driving, training, and busing (and biking and walking) around Boston can be a titanic hassle replete with delays, would-famous congestion, and unexpected detours and closures.

To put the best face on things for the e-commerce giant, though, Boston talked up its transit infrastructure, including the long-planned connection of the Blue and Red lines.

The state officially shelved that approximately 1,500-foot project in 2015, as the Globe’s Adam Vaccaro notes, with no plans as of yet to jumpstart it. Still, Boston included it in its Amazon bid.

The city assumed other transportation improvements as well, including:

Let’s go ahead and throw in the Blue Line to Lynn. Deal?