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Fenway Park dugout seating has city approval

Awaiting MLB’s signal

Page Light Studios/Shutterstock

The City of Boston has approved Fenway Park’s plan to add dugout-style seating along the first-base line.

The section would give fans basically the same view of the diamond as the players, complete with a rail for snacks and drinks. Those in the area would be able to stand and mingle as they would be below the level of fans seated behind them.

It’s not clear how many people the dugout seating would accommodate—maybe as many as 25 under current plans, which also call for eliminating 12 seats from the stands on the first base side in order to make room. (The park would add 30 places to the third-base side.)

All of this is contingent on Major League Baseball signing off on things. Charles Izzo, the architect behind the plans, told the Boston Landmarks Commission on October 24 that other ballparks in the Majors have installed dugout seating.

“They’ve been a big hit,” he said. Zing.