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What is the scariest trend in Boston-area real estate?

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Halloween is nearly upon us, and so thoughts turn to pumpkins, haunted houses, and, of course, Salem.

But the holiday’s arrival also got us to thinking about something else, something far more frightening than a hobgoblin, a colonial graveyard at night, or a tortured ghost: The Boston-area real estate market; specifically, its scariest aspects.

So, in our latest open thread, we turn the mic over to Curbed Boston’s readers and ask: What is the scariest trend in the region’s property market right now?

Is it the seemingly ceaseless escalation in prices and rents? The clear inability of the present transportation infrastructure to handle the region’s population and that population’s growth?

The inexhaustible opposition to building denser and bigger? The fact that workforce housing lotteries draw thousands for a couple of hundred units?

Let us know what makes you check under the bed.