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Boston public transportation among the most sustainable in North America: study

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‘Well-maintained,’ apparently

A train on a track sitting still in a station. The train has the letter T on it. Mass. Office of Travel & Tourism/Flickr

Boston’s public transportation is the sixth most sustainable in North America, according to a new study from Arcadis, a global consultancy.

Boston’s transportation system gets particularly high marks for its bike accessibility, its digital technology, and its cost per ride. The report also says that for one of the continent’s oldest systems—including its oldest subway, we might add—the infrastructure is “well-maintained.”

What are the drawbacks? WiFi is sporadic throughout the system and public transit doesn’t stop in as many places as needed. Also, per a release on the report, “the city’s greenhouse gas emissions are still being addressed and the city spends a lower proportion on transit than many other cities.”

New York tops the rankings, followed by San Francisco, Vancouver, Montreal, and Washington. Boston is just ahead of No. 7 Chicago.