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Lincoln Arts-and-Crafts includes Japanese garden and 1.4 acres for development

$2.63M after price-chops

Photos courtesy of Coldwell Banker

The 5,038-square-foot Arts-and-Crafts house at 10 Sweet Bay in Lincoln sits on a 2.64-acre parcel.

The property’s $2.63 million tag through Coldwell Banker includes a 1.4-acre plot for development.

Should a buyer leave that stretch vacant, though, the existing house and its grounds are plenty. The house is done in a contemporary style and includes a Japanese garden with a bamboo fountain and fish pond.

There is a large chef’s kitchen and the potential for five bedrooms. Plenty of windows about, too.

What’s more, the price has come down quite a bit—from just shy of $3.1 million in late 2016 to its present today.