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Boston’s most expensive condo sale ever? Computer magnate in contract at One Dalton

$40 million-plus?

One Dalton under construction in July
Sara Colket Photography

Computer magnate Michael Dell is in contract for one of three penthouses at the under-construction One Dalton in Back Bay.

It’s not clear how much Dell is expected to pay for the unit, but there is one on sale for $40 million. Another penthouse at what will be New England’s tallest residential tower went into contract last year for about that amount; and the third has yet to trade.

If Dell pays anywhere near $40 million, it will be the most ever paid for a condo in Boston—or in the United States north of New York City. It will also be the city’s most expensive home sale ever, period.

Same goes for the condo in contract for about $40 million (the identity of that would-be buyer is unknown).

The current record-holder is a $35 million trade last year at Downtown Crossing’s Millennium Tower, which is currently the region’s tallest residential spire.

When it’s finished next year, One Dalton—officially the Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street—will be 742 feet at its highest point and 699 feet at its highest habitable spot (i.e. the penthouses).

Carpenter & Co. is the developer and Campion & Co. is marketing the building’s 160 condos.