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Cambridge corner penthouse across from Lechmere Station asking $1.8M

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Buy its neighbor for $969K

Photos courtesy of Horizon Capital Realty

The 1,617-square-foot Penthouse H625 at 20 Second Street in East Cambridge is right across from the current Lechmere Station (current because it’s due to be relocated as part of the epic Green Line extension and the existing hub transformed into greenspace and maybe a public market).

The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom corner spread with 500 square feet of terrace space is on sale now through Horizon Capital Realty for $1,799,000 following a $96,000 price-chop.

A would-be buyer could also have the neighboring two-bedroom, two-bathroom Penthouse H623 for $969,000. That condo runs to 1,062 square feet and can be combined—totally or partially—with H625 to form some sort of grand East Cambridge palace in the sky.

The units were actually in contract this past summer to the same buyer to do a partial combination. But that deal fell through and here they are still.

The photos herein are for the larger H625.