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Would you live in a co-living complex in the Boston area?

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Rendering via Elkus Manfredi Architects

The developer behind the South End’s massive Ink Block wants to add a 14-story co-living building in partnership with a New York company that specializes in such projects.

What’s co-living? Basically, roommates 2.0. Tenants get personal space—which can include sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and a bathroom—and share the rest with their neighbors, including lounges and terraces.

As the managing partner for Ink Block developer National Development put it, this particular coliving project would be a kind of “millennial resort”—an obvious nod to the building’s targeted demographic.

Would you rent in such an arrangement? That is our latest open thread.

It’s a simple enough question, but the shift to co-living in urban areas such as the Boston region could prove to be a monumental shift in real estate. It’s the sharing economy, but for who gets to change the channel on the TV.

Sound off on whether you’re okay with that in the comments section below.