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North End building provides 10-foot ceilings and expansive cemetery views

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Three-unit on Copp’s Hill

Photos via CL Properties

An expansive and elegant three-bedroom residence devours the bulk of the 4,528-square-foot, three-unit building at 93 Charter Street just across from the historic Copp’s Hill cemetery in the North End.

That main unit includes 10-foot ceilings and a private balcony as well as access to a private roof deck. The photos herein are of that main spread.

From those outdoor spaces and from several windows one can see the Copp’s Hill burial ground, which dates from at least 1659, if not 20 years earlier.

The cemetery is the final resting place of the Mathers of ministerial fame and of Robert Newman, who placed the lanterns in Christ Church to warn Paul Revere.

Can’t really put a premium on that historical proximity, right? The building is asking $4,995,000 through CL Properties.