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Seaport District sidewalk set to sell for nearly $2M

3,000 square feet total

Rusty Clark/Flickr

About 3,000 square feet of sidewalk in the Seaport District is expected to sell soon for $1.95 million—or about $650 a square foot, which is around what a decent condo might go for in much of Boston.

Developer Jon Cronin wants the expanse outside of two bars that he owns, including the Whiskey Priest, in order to convert the site of said bars into a luxury condo tower at 150 Seaport Boulevard.

He originally offered the city $55,000, but a Globe expose on the deal led to a municipal double-take.

The Boston Planning & Development Agency did an appraisal of the space and came up with the new tag. The $1.95 million deal is expected to close soon.

Yes, a titanic amount for a vacant spit. But Cronin will surely make up the cost with little more than one condo sale in the future tower.