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Which newer Boston-area buildings will be worth saving decades from now?

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A building under construction. There is a crane and the windows are all entirely open.
One Dalton under construction this summer
Sara Colket Photography

The Boston area has no shortage of beautiful buildings—with beautiful interiors—done in both classic and contemporary designs.

And it has no shortage of newer buildings, too. Which leads us to our latest open thread: Which of these newer buildings will be considered so aesthetically unique and significant that they will be worth preserving 50, 75, or a 100 years from now?

Suppose, for instance, that the time comes to raze a particular structure or to alter it in some major way. Will a great hew and cry arise among our great- and great-great-grandchildren demanding it be saved or at least incorporated into the new design?

Or will it be considered so meh that future generations won’t think twice about binning it?

Sound off in the comments section below. Which of today’s architectural arrivals are tomorrow’s landmarks?