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Fenway gas station would become 184-room hotel under new proposal

Eighth in the area

South Carolina-based hospitality development and management firm OTO Development has released more details of its proposal for the Shell gas station at Fenway’s 1421 Boylston Street via a letter of intent to the Boston Planning & Development Agency.

Recall that the firm has an option to lease the 21,050-square-foot site—and that that option is contingent upon securing permits for a hotel.

In its letter to the BPDA, OTO says it would build a 184-key hotel to replace the Shell station. That hotel would have an independent restaurant.

Nothing’s finalized yet, but should OTO get its OK, the hotel would the eighth one in the immediate vicinity. As the Herald’s Donna Goodison points out, the existing seven, which have 844 rooms total, enjoy a year-to-date occupancy rate of 84.5 percent nightly and a staggering $245.65 average daily room rate.

Check in again to see where this goes.