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Curbed Cup 1st round: (6) Harvard Square vs. (11) Fenway

Polls open 24 hours

It’s time—time to pick the Boston area’s neighborhood of the year!

Here’s how the annual Curbed Cup works: We present two matchups a day during the first round. Polls stay open 24 hours for each one. The biggest vote-getter in each matchup advances to the second round.

We start with 16, and we whittle it down to one.

Got it? Good. Go!

(4) Harvard Square


Few areas in the region are changing as much and as fast right now as Cambridge’s Harvard Square. Here’s just a taste of the alterations:

Meanwhile, Harvard Square remains one of the region’s most walkable neighborhoods.

(11) Fenway

Where to start with Fenway?

Once known primarily as simply the area around the identically named ballpark, the neighborhood of late has been slapping on new developments and residents.

Perhaps the most prominent of the year is Pierce Boston, the 30-story, 340-foot tower that is set to be Fenway’s tallest building—and one of the tallest in Massachusetts west of Back Bay—when it’s finished next year. Its 109 condo units (the building also includes some very luxury apartments) have proven very popular.

Moreover, there are the 17-story, 183,000-square-foot Harlo apartment tower and myriad smaller projects.

And, as for that synonymous ballpark, it could see some sizable changes, too.