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Curbed Cup 1st round: (2) Kendall Square vs. (15) Fort Point

Polls open 24 hours

It’s time—time to pick the Boston area’s neighborhood of the year!

Here’s how the annual Curbed Cup works: We present two matchups a day during the first round. Polls stay open 24 hours for each one. The biggest vote-getter in each matchup advances to the second round.

We start with 16, and we whittle it down to one.

Here’s the last matchup of the first round. Go!

(2) Kendall Square


Cambridge’s technology hub became that much more technology hub-ier this year.

That was due largely to a proposal from Kendall Square fixture M.I.T. to redevelop the Volpe transportation center site that it bought from the federal government at the start of 2017 into a massive mixed-use campus complete with 1.7 million square feet of commercial space and some 1,400 housing units.

The project is also likely to contain what will be Cambridge’s tallest building.

M.I.T. also plans to build several buildings south of Main Street, including a 28-story dorm.

(15) Fort Point


The big news out of Fort Point this year was the same as during last year: The imminent arrival of General Electric’s new headquarters.

Though that imminence took a hit in August, when it became clear that the HQ wouldn’t fully open until 2021.

Still, though, Fort Point remains absurdly well-located in Boston, which renders it one of the most convenient neighborhoods in which to live and work in the region. It’ll cost ya, however.