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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (7) Dorchester vs. (15) Fort Point

Polls open 24 hours!

And then there were eight—we’re down to the second round of the annual Curbed Cup to pick the Boston area’s neighborhood of the year.

Polls are open 24 hours for each matchup. Go.

(7) Dorchester


Boston’s indispensable neighborhood had a typically variegated year.

There were big development proposals, including for the redevelopment of the 19.94-acre Bayside Expo Center site in Columbia Point into some kind of mixed-use competitor to Cambridge’s Harvard Squareand for a de-facto ground-up neighborhood at Port Norfolk that would include 150 condos and a 25-room hotel.

And let’s not forget major projects already underway, including the 11-acre one adjacent to South Bay plaza. That one’s due to have 475 condos and 130 hotel rooms.

There were the gorgeous houses for sale, too, and the speculation about further changes to come.

(15) Fort Point


The big news out of Fort Point this year was the same as during last year: The imminent arrival of General Electric’s new headquarters.

Though that imminence took a hit in August, when it became clear that the HQ wouldn’t fully open until 2021.

Still, though, Fort Point remains absurdly well-located in Boston, which renders it one of the most convenient neighborhoods in which to live and work in the region. It’ll cost ya, however.