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4 spectacularly spacious homes for sale right now near Boston

Including in Watertown and Somerville

These homes in Watertown, Newton, Lexington, and Cambridge are notable not only for their price tags, but for their capaciousness. Bask in the space—at least photographically.

↑ The 5,600-square-foot Victorian at 30 Lincoln Street just off Mount Auburn Street in Watertown is asking $1,899,000 through Trio Real Estate Group.

That tag not only scores a buyer the 4,900-square-foot main house, but a separate 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment.

Both are the product of a total renovation and redesign that left the circa-1887 house a classic exterior and a modern interior.

↑ This 14-room, 5,733-square-foot Tudor is located appropriately enough on Newton’s Manor House Road—appropriately enough because it actually looks like some sort of manor house from an English period piece.

No. 24 Manor House Road is asking $3.1 million through Commonwealth Standard Realty.

It includes touches such as an apartment with a separate entrance, a heated garage, an indoor grill, and four fireplaces. There is also the potential for eight bedrooms; and there are five full bathrooms.

The house, too, has hand-painted tiles and what the listing describes as “an indoor self-watering plant bay.”

↑ The 115-year-old Arts-and-Crafts-style house at 8 Adams Street in oh-so-historic Lexington’s Meriam Hill chopped its price $265,000 in September.

The 5,588-square-foot house on 1.4 acres is still asking $2,985,000 through Lester Savage.

It includes a multitude of special touches, not least of which that size—enough to accommodate up to seven bedrooms, never mind five fireplaces and the sort of veranda one doesn’t often see in Massachusetts.

↑ The 1,617-square-foot Penthouse H625 at 20 Second Street in East Cambridge is right across from the current Lechmere Station (current because it’s due to be relocated as part of the epic Green Line extension and the existing hub transformed into greenspace and maybe a public market).

The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom corner spread with 500 square feet of terrace space is on sale now through Horizon Capital Realty for $1,799,000 following a $96,000 price-chop.

A would-be buyer could also have the neighboring two-bedroom, two-bathroom Penthouse H623 for $969,000. That condo runs to 1,062 square feet and can be combined—totally or partially—with H625 to form some sort of grand East Cambridge palace in the sky.

The units were actually in contract this past summer to the same buyer to do a partial combination. But that deal fell through and here they are still.