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Boston $1 million home sales since 2015: Only D.C. and NYC on East Coast had more

2,095 total

There have been 2,059 Boston home sales of at least $1 million since 2015, according to an analysis of closed deals from real estate research site PropertyShark.

The analysis looked at cities on the West and East Coasts with at least 300,000 residents.

Boston’s figure put it in third place among East Coast cities, behind only New York and Washington (though Brooklyn, were it to stand alone rather than within NYC, would best Boston as well).

Boston was many times ahead of places such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Miami; and, for that matter, bested its Northwest doppelganger Portland. See the graphic below for more detail.

And, if you’re a would-be buyer, take heart: The city’s housing market could change dramatically next year.