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M.I.T.’s Volpe Center plans to get public airing

Giant Kendall Square project

M.I.T. is hosting two public meetings on Thursday, February 16, to hear feedback re: its plans to redevelop the 14-acre Volpe transportation hub in Kendall Square.

Recall that the school bought the expanse from the federal government in early November for $750,000,000. It is obligated to reconstruct a Volpe Center building for the feds. After that, the university pretty much has free rein to build what it wants.

And what it wants remains largely a mystery. M.I.T. appears to be leaning toward a mixture of housing, offices, laboratories, retail, and parkland.

But who knows? The Volpe site was often described pre-sale as one of the most desirable development plots in the entire United States. Stay tuned.