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What changes would you like to see around Fenway Park?

Red Sox toying with big moves

John Henry, principal owner of the Red Sox, said late last week during the team’s spring training in Florida that the franchise was mulling the idea of redeveloping properties it owns around its home ballpark.

Henry did not go into specifics. Here’s what he told reporters, per the Herald:

We have some thoughts outside the ballpark in that area, we own property in that area, and I think we should look to develop it in a way that would be meaningful for fans, the 3 million-plus fans that come every year. I think you’ll see more changes outside of the ballpark — substantive big changes like you’re talking about — will be more outside the ballpark than inside.

The whole thing being an open-ended question, then, we thought we’d put it to you: What would you like to see change around Fenway Park? New additions? More apartments and condos (there’s already quite a lot of new development nearby)? Better/more varied retail options?

Could the park’s immediate environs become more like those around Chicago’s Wrigley Field?

Sound off in the comments section below.